Five Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without

Sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket

Are you creating your baby registry and completely lost? Here are five baby products I absolutely could not live without. None of these were expected - they were all items I happened across or decisions I made with absolutely no thought behind them, and am incredibly thankful I chose these particular items!

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If my daughter were tell you her favorite member of our family, it would be "Owlie". We lived in a downtown area when my daughter was born, and I suspected that after a few weeks of loud downtown noises she would sleep through anything. I wasn't prepared to spend a lot of money on a white noise machine until I knew we needed one, so I decided this one (affiliate link) was cute, reasonably priced, not too loud, and would work well with the nursery theme. I was correct, but I did not expect the emotional attachment my daughter would form to her owl. We originally used it more as a white noise machine, for a while needed it as a night light, and now we primarily use it to shine stars on the ceiling. My daughter has named it "Owlie" and she will absolutely let us know if Owlie is not turned on! 

"Owlie" does not have all of the bells and whistles that some white noise machines have, specifically there is no connectivity nor are night light color changes available, so if those are important to you please know that there are many other white noise machines available that have those options.

Muslin Burp Cloths

Muslin burp cloths are so simple and yet they're my absolute favorite. I actually started learning more about fabrics (which eventually became The Cuddly Owl) because I was curious what sorcery was used in these burp cloths (affiliate link) and some other muslin blankets we received.

Muslin burp cloths never leaked through, always captured any spit-up, and somehow stayed white despite me being too lazy to use any kind of stain remover on them. The fabric is breathable and not particularly thick compared to other burp cloths, so I didn't think these would hold much liquid. I was wrong. My daughter had some fairly significant spit-up and reflux issues and muslin burp cloths never leaked through! There were a few days I switched to a muslin blanket instead for size of coverage just in case, but these burp cloths did the job every single time.

Backpack Diaper Bag

I love having a backpack as a diaper bag. The specific diaper bag doesn't actually matter, nor can I find anywhere the specific one I have, but what does matter is the easy ability to switch off between parents, lack of hurting one shoulder, hands completely free, and ability to move around without being worried the diaper bag would fall off.

I know some families where each parent has their own diaper bag, my husband and I find it easiest to have purchased one that we both use. When one of us is leaving the house with our daughter, we double check there are actually diapers in the diaper bag and then go!

We bought a fairly large backpack, which we enjoy because some days we don't fill it up much but other days we end up being told by our toddler that she wants an entire pickleball racquet with her and also her stroller fan and a few snacks. I just packed that exact combo along with wipes, diapers, sunscreen, water, emergency clothes, and assorted toys and there's still room for a few more items in the diaper bag backpack! 

Diaper Cream Spatula

I discovered these WAY too late and am looking forward to using them for my next child. If you've ever put diaper cream on a baby and had a hard time getting your hands clean afterwards no matter how much soap you use, these are for you. You use them exactly how you would imagine, like a spatula, but instead of putting frosting on a cookie you put diaper cream on your little one.

I've tried a few brands, they all worked just fine. Get the spatula, you won't regret it.

Cradle Cap System by FridaBaby

I don't know what we would have done without the Frida 3-Step Cradle Cap System (affiliate link). My daughter didn't have terrible cradle cap, but this 3-part system allowed us to get rid of it early when cradle cap did appear. As a bonus, my daughter loved baths more after realizing the relaxing power of a light head massage/lather with a sponge, perhaps a sign she may be a life-long bubble bath lover like her mom?

When I was looking for something to help with cradle cap that wouldn't impact her hair, this is what I found worked best of the options we tried. We actually still use the comb occasionally now that my daughter's almost two because the comb is the right shape that allows us to comb my daughter's hair in only a few swipes!